Anouar Brahem : Souvenance

Anouar Brahem : Souvenance

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After his masterpiece "The Astounding Eyes Of Rita" (2009) Anouar Brahem releases his new album which is titled "Souvenance" (=remembrance),  but could also be called "Hope". Influenced by the "arabian spring" which started in Brahem's home country Tunisia, the music is full of deep emotions, sometimes sad and elegic, but with a positive feeling throughout.
       The music on this album is like a painting – different colours and structures form a constantly changing variety of sounds and moods. By combining instruments and sounds over  a minimalistic and mostly cyclical background, Brahem has composed contemporary music, both visionary and emotional. Once again he proves to be the most outstanding player of the arabic lute "oud" – and from now on he must be recognized a most important personality of today's music scene.

Gerhard Rühl, SHIROKKO MUSIK, November 2014

Anouar Brahem : Souvenance
ECM Records 2014, Total Time 89 minutes, 2 CDs

Anouar Brahem (oud); François Couturier (piano); Klaus Gesing (bass clarinet); Björn Meyer (bass guitar); Orchestra de la Svizzera Italiana. Produced by Manfred Eicher

CD 1
Improbable Day (12:40)
Ashen Sky (07:36)
Deliverance (05:07)
Souvenance (09:16)
Tunis At Dawn (06.42)
Youssef's Song (10:23)
CD 2
January (07:19)
Like A Dream (09:40)
On The Road (07:59)
Kasserine (09:35)
Nouvelle Vague (02:40)

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